Warzone hackers are raging over bans & normal players love it

call of duty warzone pacific sad clown laughing nelsonActivision / FOX

Call of Duty: Warzone hackers are getting publicly angry at the biggest cheat providers because of bans and normal players are absolutely eating up the “satisfying” rage content.

One of the most exciting additions with Warzone Pacific was the highly anticipated Ricochet Anti-Cheat. And, while the anti-cheat hasn’t been able to curb hacking by 100%, it’s done enough to enrage a lot of illegitimate gamers.

As such, banned hackers are taking to Twitter to yell at one of the biggest cheat-selling websites around. For them, this is an outrage. For regular, law-abiding players, it’s some of the most delightful drama around.

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Across Reddit and Twitter, former hackers are incensed and the rest of Warzone’s players are simply sitting back and enjoying their complaints.

Warzone hackers rage at each other over bans

After a popular cheating website tweeted, its paying users flocked to the replies to complain. One tried to explain the situation on behalf of all cheaters: “We’re all banned because you got detected. So, we’re still stuck because we’re all [hardware] banned so until you get the spoofer we can’t play.”

Another doubled down on the hardware concerns, too: “We got HWID bans meaning all our accounts got banned and we can’t make new ones.” 

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Basically, these cheaters have been paying for subscriptions to a service that got detected and now their accounts are banned and they can’t log on. As such, they’re upset with the website – saying things like “you do bad your work.”

Regular Warzone fans enjoy the banned hacker “tears”

The hacker rage quickly spread through the Warzone community, with non-cheating players enjoying the infighting. One user replied on Twitter that they “love seeing the tears of cheaters,” while others chimed in on Reddit.

On the r/StreamersCheating subreddit, people are eating the drama up. One player called it a “joyful piece of art,” while someone else explained that they’re “glad that cheaters are suffering and losing against the anti-cheat.”

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For the simplest summary of how normal players are feeling, though, we turn to TrentonRommy’s comment: “This is so satisfying to read. Screw ’em.”