Activision sues major Warzone cheat provider EngineOwning in new crackdown

Warzone gameplayActivision

Activision is seeking to shut down another huge Warzone cheat provider as a new lawsuit has just been filed against EngineOwning, one of the most prolific organizations today.

Activision has taken another step towards limiting cheats in Warzone with a new lawsuit filed on January 4. This time around, German cheat provider EngineOwning has been targeted, with the gaming publisher claiming their cheats have caused “millions of dollars” in damages.

The lawsuit, filed in California, lists specific names of those involved in operating the website. Not only does this team sell in-game cheats for Warzone, but also a number of mainline CoD titles, Battlefield, and even Halo Infinite too.

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Furthermore, Activision also claims EngineOwning is “developing new cheating software” for Overwatch, another multiplayer game under their umbrella.

call of duty warzone pacific tier 100 skinActivision
Cheaters have run rampant in Warzone since the game’s early 2020 release.

This isn’t the first time Activision has pushed legal action against cheat providers, with the publisher well aware of the damages to its brand. “Cheating software has caused Activision to suffer massive and irreparable damage to its goodwill and reputation and to lose substantial revenue,” the legal document reads.

In light of the damages, Activision has demanded an end to the “misconduct” along with a hefty financial sum. The maximum damages for each violation equates to $2,500. With the publisher alleging EngineOwning caused “at least tens of thousands” of cheating incidents, that sum quickly stacks up.

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“By Activision’s estimation, such damage may amount to millions of dollars,” the lawsuit outlined.

Additionally, two further sums are to be added on top. Outside of covering legal fees, Activision also argues it’s entitled to all of EngineOwnings profits that came as a result of CoD-related cheats. An amount the publisher believes to be “hundreds of thousands of dollars, or more.”

CoD warning cheatersActivision
Activision issued this warning to cheaters in October, 2021.

This marks another step towards resolving the cheater crisis that has plagued CoD titles in recent years. EngineOwning is just the latest in a line of major cheat providers to be targeted by the publishing giant.

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Ricochet, CoD’s proprietary anticheat system was revealed on October 29, 2021. Following its implementation across Vanguard and Warzone, many have labeled it an “overwhelming success”. To date, hundreds of thousands of accounts have been banned in the free-to-play battle royale alone.

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