Warzone player revives classic “noob tube” with double MK11 Launcher loadout

Warzone Launchers firing in different directionsInfinity Ward

A Warzone player dominated a Rebirth Island match with two MK11 launchers, reminiscent of CoD’s classic ‘noob tube.’

In Warzone’s final month before Warzone 2 releases, it is the perfect time to try outside-of-the-box loadouts. The battle royale features over 150 weapons in its arsenal, so you might as well try them all out while you still can.

Activision confirmed previous content, such as Operators, weapon skins, and blueprints, will not transfer over from the original Warzone. The developers built Warzone 2 from the ground up using a new engine and map, Al Mazrah.

Weapons also do not carry over, meaning players should take this opportunity to give the meta a rest and get out of their comfort zone a bit. One player did just that by discovering an ingenious double MK11 launcher loadout.

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Warzone player reveals deadly MK11 “noob tube” loadout

cod warzone rocket launcher glitchActivision Blizzard
Launchers are underused in Warzone but can be lethal in the right hands.

Reddit user Curtisjoesakic revealed a loadout using two MK11 Launchers. To carry two secondary weapons simultaneously, the Reddit user had to equip one from a Loadout Drop and find the other as ground loot.

Using just the two launchers, the Warzone player recorded 19 kills in a resounding victory on Rebirth Island.

According to WZ Ranked, the MK11 Launcher only gets equipped .87% of the time as a secondary weapon, but it boasts an impressive 2.80% win rate.

One player responded, “I have it as my secondary, takes me back to the MW2 day’s noob tube on my AR. This is better, though; I didn’t know about 2.”

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There used to be an attachment in classic CoD titles that allowed you to equip a grenade launcher onto ARs. The CoD community coined the term “noob tube” based on the sometimes overpowered attachment.

A second user added, “Playing this; I would hate you; watching this, I love you.”

Don’t be afraid to try fun and unique loadouts while you still can in Warzone.