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Warzone streamers mock Activision after ineffective hacker ban wave

Published: 17/Jul/2021 20:10

by Jaret Kappelman


Warzone streamers are still upset with devs after the July ban wave didn’t seem to reduce the amount of hackers running around in Verdansk.

Big Warzone streamers like NICKMERCS, MuTeX, TeePee, FaZe Kalei, and more feel that the bans Raven Software rolled out didn’t fix the hacking issue.

Streamers are upset because it’s their job to play Warzone and produce content, but feel that hackers are taking away from the quality of their content.

Here are some of the reactions from around the Warzone streaming community.

Warzone gameplay
Raven Software announced they banned over 50,000 hackers with its July wave of bans

Warzone streamers drop into Verdansk after July ban wave

Mutex was not a huge fan of Raven Software with their effort in banning over 50,000 hackers in its July wave. MuTex claims he ran into a hacker and that “an anti-cheat is essential for the survival of Warzone.” MuTex seems concerned that the devs are ruining their own game.


MuTex went on to reply to his own tweet saying that in his second game after the ban wave he ran into a hacker with “blatant walls and aimbot.”

Fellow streamer NICKMERCS sarcastically replied to MuMu, letting him know that Activision asked the cheaters to stop hacking.

If this truly is Activision’s plan then they will need to hire a better campaign team to ask the hackers to stop.

Another member of FaZe Clan, Kalei Renay tweeted out her frustration and jokingly said “No raging though all GG’s he’s just better.” Making a mockery out of Activision’s attempt to ban cheaters, she has since deleted the tweet for reasons that are unknown.


FaZe Kalei Warzone Hackers Tweet
FaZe Kalei tweeted out her frustration but has since deleted her tweet.

Team Envy streamer TeePee ran into an alleged team of hackers and was wiped out immediately. In the clip you see the killcam where the alleged hacker tracks TeePee perfectly through a roof and a car.

You also hear Symfuhny and Pieman in the clip upset over the low-level hacker that ruined their game.

Will Activision add an anti-cheat?

There has been no comment from Activision so far on any plans to implement a “proper” anti-cheat system.

With players being able to create new accounts whenever they want, the community feels the game needs a better anti-cheat system to be able to prevent future cheating.


As for now the only known anti-cheat is the devs going through with ban waves every so often to try and clean up the streets of Verdansk.