Warzone 2 devs respond to stealth heartbeat sensor buff

Ryan Lemay
An operator using a heartbeat sensor in Warzone 2.

Warzone 2 guru JGOD picked up on an unannounced heartbeat sensor buff, and Raven Software explained why the change happened.

You would be hard-pressed not to find someone using a heartbeat sensor in Warzone 1. The tactical equipment item allows players to track enemies on a small screen when they are close by. There aren’t too many counters to the powerful tool, but the ghost perk prevents players’ locations from being revealed.

Infinity Ward took note of an extremely high pick rate and responded accordingly for Warzone 2. The battle royale sequel added a battery life of approximately 100 seconds, so users couldn’t constantly use it without repercussions.

Heartbeat sensors also had their range decreased. However, we now know that was not an intended nerf.

Heartbeat censors juiced up in Warzone Season 2

player using heartbeat sesnor
Heartbeat sensors may be back and better than ever in Warzone 2.

On March 31, JGOD shared: “Stealth Changes on Heart Beat Sensor for WZ2, at least a few weeks it has been like this.”

The heartbeat sensor is now able to detect enemies 50 meters, improved from 15 at launch. ModernWarzone credited JGOD for the discovery and asked the developers if they buffed the equipment item back to how it performed in WZ1.

Raven Software responded: “this was a change that resulted from a bug fix that went out on March 2.”

The bug kept the heartbeat sensor from properly tracking enemies, and players almost never showed on the radar.

Heartbeat sensors have not played a crucial role in Warzone 2’s meta up to this point, but the latest update could finally make them relevant again.