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Warzone hacker gets instant karma as their own vehicle wipes them out

Published: 18/Mar/2021 17:13

by Alex Garton


A Warzone hacker received a heavy dose of karma after their own vehicle eliminated them from the match in the middle of an intense gunfight.

Despite Warzone’s overwhelming popularity in the battle royale genre, the game has a few glaring issues that are constantly brought up by the player base.

One of those is the number of hackers that can be found in almost every single match. Unfortunately, it’s these cheating players that ruin the experience for the rest of the community and it can often feel like the developers aren’t doing everything in their power to eradicate the problem.


So, when a clip of a vehicle taking revenge on a hacker was posted to Reddit, it’s fair to say it grabbed the attention of the game’s community.

Warzone hacker
Warzone released all the way back in March of 2020.

Warzone hacker eliminated by their own vehicle

A thread posted to the CODWarzone subreddit of a hacker being taken out by his own vehicle has garnered over 4,000 upvotes.

The clip begins with the cheating player going after an opponent in a Cargo Truck. After reaching their target, who’s parked on a hillside, the hacker jumps out of their Tactical Rover and propels the vehicle up the hill.

Unfortunately, as the saying goes, whatever goes up must come down, and the cheating player was about to learn that the hard way. Unable to react in time, their own vehicle rolls down the hill and puts them in a downed state.


The Rover then pushes them all the way to a small ledge, which they fall off and miraculously survive. It’s at this point that the hacker attempts to self-revive, but the vehicle has other plans, falling on top of them and eliminating them from the match.

Hacker eats dust. from r/CODWarzone

At this point, it’s fair to say most Warzone players are tired of the issues with exploits and hacking in the title. For now, it’s not clear when these problems will be fixed despite multiple ban waves taking place in recent months.

In the meantime, it’s at least promising to see that the game’s vehicles are taking it upon themselves to punish these players.