Warzone guru outlines LMG set to dominate with “phenomenal” TTK in Urzikstan Season 1

Connor Bennett
Holger-26 LMG from Modern Warfare (2019) new gun reveal.Activision

Call of Duty guru WhosImmortal has highlighted an LMG with a “phenomenal” TTK that should be one of the meta picks in Warzone when the Urzikstan update rolls around. 

When Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 launched at the start of November, plenty of Warzone fans were annoyed that the battle royale side of things would have to go on the back burner for a few weeks. 

Warzone is, of course, still live, but the new Urzikstan map is not, nor is the integration with Modern Warfare 3. That is all set to happen at the start of December when Season 1 for both MW3 and the battle royale finally get underway. 

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In the build-up to that, though, players have been leveling up weapons to get ahead of the curve. Some have focused on ARs like the MCW and MTZ 556, while others have gone for snipers given they’re supposed to be one-shot kills moving forward.

MW3’s Pulemyot 762 set to dominate after Urzikstan update

However, WhosImmortal is going in a different direction. In his November 27 video, the Warzone guru pointed to the Pulemyot 762 LMG as one gun players need to level up due to its  “phenomenal” TTK.

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“It’s base stats here are going to be fantastic. It’s overall TTK, damage per mag, obviously, since it’s an LMG are going to be phenomenal,” he said before pointing to the JAK annihilator bullpup conversion kit as being a “huge” help.

“This thing completely changes this from, what is a super heavy, slow LMG into a really fun, LMG-AR sort of hybrid,” WhosImmortal added. “It’s advanced stats are absolutely nuts.”

Timestamp of 2:20

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The YouTuber noted that the conversion does affect the Pulemyot’s range, but it adds so much in terms of mobility, rate of fire, and ADS speed that it’ll be a dominant mid-range weapon. 

It ultimately remains to be seen which weapons will quickly take over the meta once Urzikstan goes live, but the LMG is certainly in prime position.

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