Warzone drama erupts as pro accused of hacking & fake cam during $75k tourney

Theo Salaun
call of duty warzone scream hacker dramaActivision / Pexels

The Call of Duty: Warzone community was engulfed in drama as a pro got accused of using wall hacks and a fake monitor cam during a $75,000 tournament. After a one-hour delay, they were controversially cleared and the tournament resumed.

There is no shortage of drama in competitive Warzone. And, with the RICOCHET anti-cheat still about a month away, it shouldn’t be surprising that people are vigilant about hacks when competing for life-changing money.

That was precisely the case during BoomTV’s $75k Last Dance in Verdansk. During Game 5 of the seven-game Customs tournament, a player was questioned for a suspiciously accurate pre-fire in the Gulag.

Then, the player was asked to show his Task Manager — at which point people realized that it wasn’t showing on his monitor cam. With questions surrounding the verifiability of said cam and the Gulag play, the tourney was delayed for an hour to investigate.

Warzone pro accused of hacking for Gulag pre-fire during tournament

As you can see in the clip, ‘Ahzvm’ gets stunned mid-fight in the Gulag and then still hard plays exactly where ‘ScummN’ is. With his remaining bullets, he confidently pre-fires and secures the kill. Afterward, ScummN questioned the play in the tournament Discord where more people began to scrutinize the shot.

Despite the drama beginning, Game 6 started before a conclusive verdict was made. 

The issue came back up when people began asking for more confirmation that Ahzvm wasn’t cheating. One such request was to see his Task Manager, which, as previously mentioned, did not appear on Ahzvm’s monitor cam.

Warzone pro accused of ‘fake monitor cam’

Once people saw that Ahzvm’s monitor cam was not only delayed but also not showing his gameplay monitor — the situation unraveled. The tournament was delayed indefinitely as admins and other players asked Ahzvm to answer questions and share his screen on Discord.

Eventually, after an hour spent diving through his PC and even checking his emails, the streamer was cleared of foul play and the tournament continued. This followed additional investigations, including an older, banned account of his and other clips.

While the situation seemingly ended with a calm resolution, it points to the tensions surrounding hackers in Warzone. One can only hope that those concerns are eased once the anti-cheat deploys with Vanguard integration.