Warzone DMR still overpowered after nerf?! StoneMountain64 interview | CharlieIntel Podcast #15

Ava Thompson-Powell
DMR still broken in CoD
Following a recent nerf, the insanely overpowered DMR meta that plagued the landscape of Call of Duty is now due to be behind us. However, some are claiming the change to the gun has still left it overpowered compared to the other weapons on the roster.

Mike & Keshav welcome StoneMountain64 and SuperEvan to the latest episode of the CharlieIntel Podcast. In this week’s episode, we discuss the DMR’s dominance in Warzone and its recent nerf; how new Warzone stat-tracking apps have been manipulating skill-based matchmaking, and rumors that Sledgehammer Games will be developing the upcoming 2021 Call of Duty title.

The DMR has been an extremely contentious weapon since Season 1 launched back in December 2020, with players flocking to the weapon due to its overpowered nature. A recent patch claimed to fix this, but the nerf feels incredibly minor, with StoneMountain64 seeing people online that are staunch in claiming that the nerf did nothing at all.

SuperEvan hops into the podcast to detail why he switched back into the Call of Duty franchise after moving over to Fortnite as the battle royale was initially gaining traction. With Modern Warfare’s Warzone, though, he decided to put the time and effort into making a splash for himself within the scene, and it undoubtedly paid off.

2021 is set to be an increasingly interesting year as we deal with the shifting meta and Sledgehammer Games taking the lead on the upcoming installment. Stay tuned with us for all of the community news with the CharlieIntel podcast and our dedicated CoD hub.

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