Warzone devs plan Bren nerfs to fix ‘overpowered’ damage bug

call of duty warzone pacific bren lmg nerfActivision / Pixabay

Call of Duty: Warzone’s developers have confirmed that the Bren LMG is bugged, dealing more damage than it’s supposed to. In response, Raven Software are currently planning nerfs for the meta weapon.

The Warzone Pacific Season 2 update was supposed to nerf both the meta Bren LMG and MP-40 SMG. This would have thrown the battle royale’s entire loadout scene into disarray.

Instead, while the MP-40 suffered, players quickly realized that the Bren didn’t seem impacted at all. The long-range menace, which was supposed to receive three nerfs, actually ended up feeling stronger than ever.

Within days, fans took to the internet to complain about the Bren’s continued dominance. Now, it appears the gun received an accidental silent buff – much like the since-fixed PPSh – and actual nerfs are on the way.

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Warzone devs confirm nerfs coming for ‘OP’ Bren

Warzone Bren loadout screenNICKMERCS/Activision
The Bren loadout has become a fixture across Warzone despite intended nerfs.

While Raven Software haven’t discussed the Bren much on social media, their Trello board mentions the weapon under “Global Issues.” As they explain, “the Light Machine Gun Charlie (VG)’s damage profile is incorrect, resulting in a higher-than-normal damage profile.”

This confirms that the LMG’s damage is “higher-than-normal” (basically meaning it’s overpowered). Further, they’ve listed the topic under the “investigating” banner. This suggests that a fix should be on the way to finally weaken the Bren.

Bren silently buffed alongside PPSh in Season 2?

As players might remember from the February 24 patch notes, the PPSh was confirmed to be silently and accidentally buffed in Season 2. At the time, the devs’ hot fix patched out the bug, which was “causing higher-than-intended Max/Mid/Min damage values for the PPSh-41.”

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The situation with the Bren feels very similar and, as such, should elicit the same treatment. While we don’t currently have a timeline for a fix, it appears that the Bren’s current damage profile was produced by an unintentional bug and will be nerfed in the near future.