Warzone fans irate that “overpowered” Bren still hasn’t been nerfed

Warzone fans irate that Bren still hasn't been nerfedActivision

Warzone players are losing their minds after the another update to the battle royale still didn’t nerf the extremely strong Bren LMG.

Raven Software released a Warzone patch on February 24, which fixed a stealth buff to the PPSh that made it one of the best guns ever.

However, while the devs remedied some other core issues of the game, one the biggest wasn’t touched by the team.

Vanguard’s Bren has been ruling the Pacific ever since Season 1 and nearly three months later, it’s still the strongest weapon in the game.

Bren Class setup WarzoneTreyarch/Activision
The Bren has been the best Warzone weapon since the Pacific era started.

Warzone fans demand Bren nerf

Following a tweet from Raven Software that highlighted a patch, Warzone fans were super confused why there were no changes to the Bren.

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Players have been complaining about the popular LMG for over two months as they feel it is way too strong.

Content creator Expel was part of the crowd that didn’t understand why this wasn’t touched. He sarcastically replied, “Excited to hop on and use the Bren until season 3.”

One Twitter user said, “So that’s a no on the Bren nerf…” While another added, “So nothing done about the Bren? Awesome.”

This has been the best long-range weapon since Warzone Pacific Season 1, which started on December 8. Players didn’t stop on Twitter as they also took their frustrations to Reddit.

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Redditor ‘YoungMurf’ was furious with Raven Software. In an explicit message they said, “How the f**k has the Bren not been nerfed even from that s***ty ‘nerf’ it got a while back?”

The “s***ty nerf” they are referring to was the one it got when Season 2 released. Despite this attempt to weaken the weapon, it still remained the most picked and strongest weapon in the BR.

This has Warzone fans rallying for a change in the meta as they feel this gun takes “zero skill.” There is no telling if a nerf is coming soon, but the community is going to be vocal until it happens.

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