All weapon buffs & nerfs in Warzone Season 2 Pacific update

Theo Salaun
call of duty warzone pacific bren mp40

Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific’s Season 2 update has arrived and, with it, a serious shift in the weapon landscape. With nerfs to the meta Bren and MP-40 taking center stage, here are all of the patch’s gun buffs and nerfs.

Warzone becomes a different game when weapons change and, unlike the Pacific Season 1 Reloaded patch, Season 2 seems ready to truly shake up the meta. In the last update, meta guns weren’t tweaked quite heavily enough to be removed from loadouts – but the devs doubled down for the new season.

In the Pacific Season 2 patch notes, a total of 16 guns were adjusted, as well as… 113 different attachments.

While you should check out the full patch notes (as linked above) for the devs’ details on each change, we’ll simplify the buffs and nerfs here so that players can have an overview of what to expect.

Warzone Pacific Season 2 general buffs & nerfs: Bullet velocity, Incendiary

Swagg Mp40 fire rounds
Incendiary rounds became a constant in Warzone thanks to popular MP40 builds and others.

Before getting into specific guns, there are two adjustments in the S2 patch that will have universal consequences across a number of weapons.

First, the bullet velocity of every Vanguard weapon has been improved so that they are close to the strengths of Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War guns. This will make all VG guns easier to hit shots with at range.

Second, the Incendiary rounds were nerfed heavily: the flames now do 6 damage (instead of 9) and the rounds now lower guns’ damage by 10% (3% for snipers). This should make them far less enticing to use than options like Hollow Point (for SMGs) and Lengthened (for ARs and LMGs). 

It’s worth noting that Lengthened’s impact was also changed (now a 10% increase in velocity, down from 40%). It shouldn’t feel that much worse, though, as VG guns got a velocity buff across the board (as did a number of their attachments).

Warzone Pacific Season 2 nerfs: Bren, MP40, C58, more

Warzone Bren loadout screen
The beloved Bren class may no longer be as potent in Season 2.

As for gun-specific nerfs, there are a number of impactful changes. Here are the ones that are most likely to affect the meta:

Bren LMG (Vanguard)

  • Upper arm and lower torso damage multipliers decreased from 1.1 to 1.0
  • Meta Queen’s 705mm Royal barrel now decreases ADS Speed by 12% (formerly 10%), while decreasing ADS Movement Speed by 2%, Hip Fire Accuracy by 15%, and Movement Speed by 1.5%
  • Meta m1941 Hand Stop underbarrel now decreases Horizontal and Vertical Recoil Control by 4% 

C58 AR (Black Ops Cold War)

  • Recoil deviation and magnitude both increased (will make it harder to hit shots)

STG-44 AR (Vanguard)

  • ADS Speed decreased to 0.26 (from 0.255)
  • Meta VDD 760mm 05B barrel now decreases ADS Speed (12%) and Movement Speed (2%), while increasing Bullet Velocity by 40% and movement speed by 4.5% (down to a 2% nerf, formerly 6.5%)

Cooper Carbine AR (Vanguard)

  • Meta 22″ Cooper Custom barrel now decreases ADS Movement Speed by 2%, ADS Speed by 12%, Hip Fire Accuracy by 15%, and Movement Speed by 2%, while increasing Bullet Velocity by 40%

MP40 SMG (Vanguard)

  • Maximum Damage Range decreased to 422 (formerly 473) and Mid Damage Range decreased to 600 (formerly 612)
  • Meta Krausnick 317mm 04B barrel now decreases ADS Movement Speed (2%), ADS Speed (12%), Hip Fire Accuracy (15%), and Movement Speed (1.5%), while increasing Bullet Velocity by 20%
  • Meta 7.62 Gorenko 45 Round Mags now increase Fire Rate by 17.8% (down from 20%) and Vertical Recoil Control by 22% (down from 25%)

Welgun SMG (Vanguard)

  • Maximum Damage Range decreased to 525 (formerly 581) and Mid Damage Range decreased to 734 (formerly 778)
  • Meta 120mm Gawain Short barrel now decreases Bullet Velocity by 3.8%, Damage Range by 6%, Vertical Recoil Control by 4%, and its Fire Rate buff was decreased by 3.2% (from 12.5% to 9.3%)
  • Meta 7.62 Gorenko 40 Round Mags’ recoil control buffs toned down: Horizontal and Vertical Recoil Control now increased by 22% (formerly 25%)

Warzone Pacific Season 2 buffs: Top Break pistol, 3-Line Rifle, more

3-Line Rifle Loadout
The 3-Line Rifle could creep into the meta after Season 2’s buffs.

While there were a lot of changes that could positively impact a variety of guns, there are some clear standouts in terms of buffs.

The Klauser, Machine Pistol, and Top Break pistol all received positive adjustments, as did the 3-Line Rifle and Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle.

The most notable, though, are the Top Break and 3-Line:

Top Break Pistol (Vanguard)

  • Bullet velocity increased to 399 (formerly 360), Max Damage Range increased to 925 (formerly 800), Mid Damage increased to 34 (formerly 30), and Min Damage increased to 26 (formerly 24)
  • Wilkie W-7 barrel now increases Bullet Velocity by 6% and Neck Damage by 10%

3-Line Rifle (Vanguard)

  • ADS Movement Speed increased by 27.1% and Movement Speed increased by 3.7%
  • Neck Damage Multiplier increased to 1.6 (formerly 1.5)
  • Gun Bob decreased
  • ADS Speed nerfed by 0.017, from .500 to .517

With such a ludicrous amount of balancing changes, it will be impossible to predict the meta just yet. So far, though, these changes should provide a refreshing slate of opportunity for those looking to tweak their loadouts.

We’ve highlighted the biggest movers, in terms of positive and negative tweaks, from the Season 2 patch – but things are sure to unfold as players test out all of the attachments this week.