Warzone devs confirm fix for hitscan AX-50 bug

Alec Mullins
Warzone's AX-50 over Caldera

Warzone’s Ax-50 saw quite the unintended buff in the Season 3 Classified Arms Reloaded update on May 26, but Raven Software has confirmed that the new hitscan bug has already been fixed. 

Just half a season after nerfing the vast majority of Sniper Rifles in Warzone, Season 3 Reloaded accidentally propelled the classic Modern Warfare rifle right back up the ladder via a bullet registration bug.

Players across the internet were taking advantage of the blunder, and even though the bug was only around for a while, they showed off exactly how strong a gun like this could be on a wide and open map like Caldera.

Warzone devs have fixed the hitscan Ax-50 in Warzone

AX-50 in Warzone
The AX-50 jumped back into first place for a short time after the update.

The fix silently went live on May 27 and also patched up an issue with the Stim Shot tactical.

“AX 50 hit scan issue has been patched and stims should be working correctly now,” the devs told Dexerto.

Both of these problems were causing a bit of a stir after the update, with the AX-50 becoming quite the issue.

There were tons of clips (like the one embedded below) that showcased players hitting unbelievable shots easier than ever before.

Normally, the bullet drop would be quite severe at distance, but the bug was causing bullets to travel completely straight up to 400m away from the shooter.

This would happen regardless of the build, so players were able to maximize speed without worrying about what it would do to their accuracy.

This is the kind of feature that takes a mostly dead sniper and pushes it right back into the meta, but thanks to the new patch the HDR will probably hold onto that top spot until the next round of weapon tuning happens.

As mentioned at the tail end of their statement, the new-look Stim Shots should be functioning as intended now as well.

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