NICKMERCS confirms he’ll return for Warzone 2 but warns it might not be for long

Warzone 2 art next to NICKMERCSActivision / YouTube: NICKMERCS

With Apex Legends taking over as his main Battle Royale of choice lately, it’s been a while since Twitch star NICKMERCS has put in a lengthy stint with Warzone. Although he’s now confirmed a return with the launch of Warzone 2, even a full-fledged sequel might not be enough to keep him around for long.

Through Warzone’s rise to the top of the BR charts, a few names helped lead the charge online, with NICKMERCS comfortably in that mix. During the height of Verdansk, rarely a day would go by where the MFAM leader wasn’t dropping into lobby after lobby with tens of thousands tuning in to watch the kill-race chaos unfold.

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Midway through 2021, however, that all changed as Nick announced his plans to ‘move on’ from the CoD BR. While we’ve seen the occasional trip down memory lane with a few odd Warzone streams since, Apex Legends has become his top priority. Not only for its “immaculate” gameplay, but also for its ranked playlist that he’s slowly mastered.

With the hype train now speeding up as Warzone 2 draws near, Nick remains hesitant. While he’s now confirmed a return is indeed happening, the popular streamer warned it may not be enough to truly force him back for good.

NICKMERCS in Apex Legends on Olympus mapRespawn/EA
NICKMERCS has been dedicated to the Apex grind in recent months, even competing in a number of high-stakes tournaments.

“I’m definitely gonna play it,” NICKMERCS told his passionate fanbase during a recent broadcast. “There’s no way the next Warzone comes out and I don’t play it.”

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Though exactly how much of a chance he’ll give Warzone 2, remains unclear. Even if the upcoming sequel were to launch with a highly requested ranked mode, a feature Nick had been demanding long before his departure, there’s still no guarantee he’ll stick around for long.

“If the new Warzone has a ranked mode, are you gonna grind it?” a viewer asked during this recent stream, to which NICKMERCS didn’t have a clear answer. “I really don’t know,” he said. “I can’t tell you.”

“[Warzone 2] can have a ranked mode, but it can be horrible. It could be good, but it could not be as good as Apex,” he said, arguing companies like Activision “rarely do something great. More often than not, they f*** sh** up.

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“They hype it up, they wrap it in cool, bright paper. Then it comes out and it’s just so bland, more often than not.”

Black Ops 4 Contraband Map with Warzone 2 LogoActivision
Warzone 2 will definitely bring NICKMERCS back to the CoD BR. But for how long is anyone’s guess.

So it’s safe to say the CoD veteran is keeping his expectations in check for Warzone 2. Even if the sequel launches with a more robust set of features and content, there’s a tall mountain to climb to drive him away from his current obsession in Apex Legends, Nick claimed.

“I also think that Apex is getting better. They’re making a lot of quality of life improvements. That new map is incredible, I love Storm Point, I think it’s one of the best Battle Royale maps I’ve ever played. There’s always something to b**ch about, but Apex is in a really good spot.”

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Nick begins discussing Warzone 2 at the 1:43 mark below

Without a release date set in stone for the sequel, there’s no telling when exactly we’ll see NICKMERCS dropping back into Warzone.

Though with Modern Warfare 2 now in focus, it’s only a matter of time before we hear more.