Warzone conspiracy theorist stumps JGOD with weirdly genius hacking accusation

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There are a lot of Call of Duty: Warzone hacking and cheating accusations out there. But one fan’s conspiracy theory is so bizarre, yet oddly brilliant, that it even has JGOD confused. 

Cheating is no joke in Warzone. Players have been caught using VPNs to sneak into easier lobbies, while others have been caught red-handed using wall hacks (ESP) and aim bots. Oh, and then there’s Cronus Zen users as well — whose controller attachments give them automatic recoil control.

But all of these cheating methods can be exposed. VPNs can be seen through the in-game “Geo” screen, aim bots through a full session of gameplay, wall hacks through a monitor cam, and Cronus Zens through a hand cam. 

One JGOD fan has come up with a cheating conspiracy theory that would be very hard to detect though. It involves killing a friendly hacker, using their spectator cam to see things on another monitor, and it’s so bizarre that JGOD and others are dumbfounded.

After begging JGOD to pay attention, this commenter explains that they think there are “streamers intentionally killing a hacker (their other account) on a second monitor and using [the hacker’s] POV to spectate themselves on a separate monitor with wall hacks.”

It’s frankly an incredible idea and one that even JGOD had to describe as “next-level conspiracy theory stuff I have never seen before.”

Warzone Season 4 GulagActivision
Gulags would be so easy if you could see through walls.

In essence, the idea is that if you could kill a hacker and access their POV, you could use their spectator screen to see through walls — granting invaluable information with quick glances. This way, you could cheat without it being visible on your stream or monitor cam.

While this theory isn’t completely impossible, it is so much more difficult than the conspiracy theorist realizes. As JGOD explains to believers in the replies, if the streamer was also playing as the hacker, they would need “four hands” to pull it off.

Additionally, people would probably notice a familiar account being killed at the start of each match. But who knows, maybe streamers will need to begin using room cams instead of monitor cams — just to make sure nothing fishy is going on.