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Warzone cheaters have already discovered how to glitch into Rebirth Island walls

Published: 5/Jan/2021 6:58

by Brad Norton


Warzone’s cheaters never seem to rest as the new Rebirth Island map now has its own game-breaking issue that allows players to stay invincible inside various walls.

It’s been a rough landing since the release of Rebirth Island with Warzone Season One. From infinite-respawn bugs to bizarre Loadout Drop issues, the new battleground has come with its fair share of problems.

Despite dropping the overall lobby size and allowing for some faster games, cheaters are still on the loose trying to eke out free wins. One way they’re achieving success is through a classic bug that has found its way to the new location.


Glitching inside of walls is nothing new to Warzone. In fact, it’s been an issue since the game launched back in March 2020. While Verdansk has seen these bugs squashed over time, Rebirth Island now has the problem back in full force.

Aaand there is another invisibility glitch in the game. Even the ATV was invisible. from CODWarzone

Midway through a regular match on January 4, Reddit user ‘3Dmo’ was wiped out in a peculiar way. Seemingly out of nowhere they started taking damage from inside. Bullets were flying out of a nearby wall, enough to take down a teammate before eventually wiping the squad.

“What?” The player yelled as they switched to the Kill-Cam. As a surprise to everyone, these mysterious bullets were actually coming from a player hiding inside the wall. They had glitched inside part of the map and were somehow able to shoot through the texture in front of them.


Not only that, but they also had an ATV inside the wall with them. They appeared to hop on the vehicle at the last moment of the Kill-Cam, but there’s no telling if they could actually drive around inside the map.

How this instance of the map-breaking glitch occurred is unknown for now. Though it’s clearly enough to ruin the experience for anyone nearby. Be sure to keep on the lookout if you’re ever near this side of the map.

Warzone gameplay
This bug appears to be impacting the Chemical Engineering location on Rebirth Island. But it could soon spread to other areas.

Obviously, you could just run away and ignore the cheating player. Though if the circle happens to shrink around that location, there’s no way around this bug. Flash grenades seem to have an effect, but shooting back simply isn’t an option.


Developers are yet to respond to this particular issue. Similar bugs were quickly patched out of Verdansk, however. So expect a fix to be deployed relatively soon.