Warzone cheaters are hiding under map to kill Easter egg hunters

Jacob Hale
Warzone Verdansk subway station

Warzone players attempting to complete the Season 6 Easter egg are growing increasingly frustrated as cheaters are hiding under the map to kill them before they complete it.

Easter egg hunters quickly deciphered what they had  to do at the start of Season 6 to earn the Firebrand Bruen Mk9 blueprint, and as a result you’ll often see players landing at the bank in Downtown to kick off their journey to unlocking the weapon.

That said, as often happens, there are a small base of players who want to ruin other people’s fun in any way possible.

It’s one thing dropping at the bank and simply trying to take opponents in an equal gunfight, but some players are going one step further and glitching under the map with the sole intention of killing those trying to complete the Easter egg.

Bruen Mk9 Firebrand blueprint
The Firebrand blueprint puts a unique spin on the Bruen Mk9 LMG.

Obviously, it’s annoying enough to die to someone that is so clearly cheating and not even bothering to hide it, but it steps up a level when you’re dedicating time (and sometimes a lot of it) to complete a task, and you have no chance of shooting back.

That’s exactly what NinjaSawce discovered when he headed to the Verdansk airport subway station to complete the final step of the Easter egg before being given access to the secret blueprint bunker, and was promptly killed by an enemy that was completely invisible.

It wasn’t until the killcam that NinjaSawce realized the player was directly underneath him, out of bounds and running freely below the map, killing him as he started to put the final code into the computer.

Some players have reported this happening to them since the start of Season 6, but it appears more players are starting to discover the trick of getting below the map, and the Warzone devs will likely be hard at work trying to find a fix for this as soon as possible.

Until then, though, you’ll want to be super cautious when trying to complete the Easter egg, or even when just using the Verdansk airport subway, because you never know who could be lurking underneath.