How to complete Warzone’s Subway easter egg to get Firebrand blueprint

Warzone character in the Subway systemActivision

There is a new Easter Egg revolving around the Verdansk metro system to crack in Call of Duty Warzone. Here’s what you need to know about completing it. 

Season 6 of Modern Warfare has brought plenty of new content to Warzone, including the fast-travel subway system, new operators, and new weapons.

On top of those, however, there are a few secrets to uncover in the form of new easter eggs – similar to the hugely complicated Stadium easter egg from Season 5.

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The biggest of these new easter eggs revolves around the Metro system and a secret stop that is filled with incredible amounts of loot. So, here’s what you need to do. 

The Subway system is key to Warzone’s new easter egg.

Warzone subway easter egg step-by-step guide

The subway easter egg isn’t as complicated as the Stadium one when it comes to the multiple steps, but you can blow it if you make one slip up.

It all starts at the City Hall building in Downtown. This is the big building inside the G6 portion of the map. Head there and you’ll find a keypad, painting, and a computer terminal. 

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You need to enter the code 2179 onto the keypad before making note of the numbers and plus/minus symbols that will then appear on the PC. Those numbers and symbols correspond to the paintings in the City Hall building. Complete the puzzle using the steps below from CoD Fanatics, and you’ll be on your way. 

  1. Head to the City Hall building in Verdansk’s downtown – its in the G6 section of the map
  2. Head inside, jump the small bank desk, and input the code 2179 onto the keypad
  3. As the floor fills with gas, use the computer in the keypad room 
  4. Make note of the numbers and plus/minus symbols that appear
  5. Jump back over the bank desk and go into the main room
  6. Look at the paintings that correspond to the numbers shown on the computer
  7. Make note of that code and then match up the symbols on the PC to the numbers
  8. After getting the Subway Override Authorized message, head to the Verdansk airport subway station
  9. Go down to the platform and interact with the PC in the side room to continue the Subway Override
  10. Wait for the ‘A.E. Train Arriving Soon’ message to appear and you’ll be taken to the secret bunker which contains the weapon blueprint

Once inside this secret bunker, which is located under the water behind the dam, you’ll be able to pick up a whole host of special loot – including the new Foresight killstreak, and even a Juggernaut suit

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You can also claim the Firebrand weapon blueprint for the Bruen MK9, which will put a new spin on the powerful LMG. 

Sadly, there is no universal that will help you bypass the easter egg, so you will have to go step-by-step, but the rewards will surely make the effort worthwhile.