Warzone 2’s Birdseye Perk seemingly gives out “free” Advanced UAVs

Brad Norton
Warzone 2 UAV

The Birdseye Perk in Warzone 2 is giving players a massive advantage throughout Al Mazrah as many are claiming it provides the effects of an Advanced UAV for “free.”

When it comes to Perks in Warzone 2, many are still struggling to find the best fit for Al Mazrah. With various Perk Packages on offer, it can be a challenge picking the right one to match not only your playstyle, but your weapons of choice.

However, there appears to be a new frontrunner emerging from the crowd as players are now catching on to the real power of the Birdseye Perk. Contained within the Recon Perk Package, this unique buff allows players to see enemy positions and the direction they’re facing on the minimap whenever a UAV is called or the Radar gets a ping.

In its own right, this is a powerful effect that could just make the difference between a win and a loss in a close gunfight. But many players, including content creator ‘MRags,’ are now discovering the full potential of this Perk, as it also comes into play when other teams call in UAVs too.

Although your squad doesn’t receive a full UAV effect if an opposing team calls one in, you do still get a few pings on your minimap. Now with Birdseye equipped, those pings can reveal more than just enemy location. You’ll also get frequent updates on their live direction, giving you a huge advantage should you get in close proximity.

Through this ability, it’s essentially a “free” Advanced UAV, mirroring the effects of one of the more costly streak combos in the game today. Especially considering how often UAVs are ‘popped’ in any given match, this intel boost is sure to keep your team one step ahead of the curve at all times.

It’s worth noting, however, that there is currently a bug stemming from this Perk. At random, the Recon Perk Package can refuse to work, failing to provide the Ultimate Perk effect from the Birdseye pick. Unfortunately, there’s no controlling this issue when selecting the Perk Package through your Custom Loadout.

But if you’re still eager to test out this effect, it can be done by choosing the ‘Scout’ Default Loadout when interacting with a Loadout Drop. Obviously, you won’t get the best possible weapons with your favorite attachments, but this appears to fix the Birdseye issue at the very least.

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