Warzone 2: How to get Vondel jailer key to escape Gulag faster

Brianna Reeves
warzone 2 gulag jailer

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 players trying to escape the Vondel Gulag can do so faster by getting the jailer key. Here’s how it works.

Warzone recently added a Gulag to its Vondel map in the Season 4 Reloaded update. Typically, Gulags function as an arena wherein killed players can face off against each other to redeploy.

The new Vondel Gulag introduced somewhat of a twist by inserting no-nonsense jailers who brutally beat up anyone trying to escape.

However, players may have the last laugh if they can act fast enough, since there’s apparently a reward for getting the drop on a few guards.

How a jailer can help Warzone 2 players escape the Vondel Gulag

Warzone 2 content creators and even pro teams like the Toronto Ultra recently discovered a way to break out of the Vondel Gulag. Knocking out three different guards and waiting for a key to drop supposedly acts as get out of jail free card.

Here’s how to break everyone out of the Vondel map’s Gulag:

  • After spawning in the Gulag, take note of the guards in orange jumpsuits patrolling the area. Pick up one of the rocks scattered around, throw it at a guard to stun them, and then take them out. (Beware, a couple of hits from the jailer can easily eliminate the player character.)
  • Some say a key may fall after one guard is defeated. However, the Toronto Ultra claims it can take up to three downed guards before a key drops.
  • Whenever a key does hit the ground, all users in the Gulag will be freed at the same time.

Because a Gulag jailer can prove a formidable foe, Warzone 2 players will want to exercise caution during any and all escape attempts.

Still, this secret Easter egg seems well worth the effort if it results in instant redeployment.