Warzone 2 players get creative to make snipers viable: “You can’t nerf teamwork”

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A recent video on Reddit showed Warzone 2 players using teamwork to snipe one person at the same time in order to get the kill. The tactic comes after recent nerfs to snipers.

Almost every first-person shooter goes through updates that nerf and buff various weapons and classes in order to keep things fair over time.

Many of these changes are designed to balance gameplay, but can create problems for players who were used to the previous builds of specific mechanics. It can even deter some from using tactics or mechanics they once enjoyed, requiring them to look into other strategies instead.

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In Warzone 2, a good example of a recent nerf is the sniper, which was just rebalanced to the point that a clear headshot will no longer kill the enemy player. However, a few clever fans have found a workaround that utilizes the power of teamwork.

Warzone 2 snipers team up to take down opponents

In a Reddit post by HorthyCZ, the player has teamed up with another sniper, spotting a lone enemy in an open area ahead of them. The opponent is shot twice in a row by each sniper before going down- scoring the duo a successful kill.

The Warzone 2 player titled the video clip “Activision can nerf snipers, but they can’t nerf teamwork”. Other players commented below, sharing their own thoughts about the tactic and how it skated around the new limitations of sniper gameplay.

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One player stated, “I hope they buff snipers again. Until then, teamwork it is!” while another user jokingly added, “Upcoming patch notes, nerfs: RPK, Fennec, Teamwork”.

Many Warzone 2 players have taken to forums, Reddit threads, or Twitter to voice their opinions on nerfs and buffs. While changes will likely always cause a stir in the player base, it does lead to some interesting workarounds that may otherwise never have been tried out.