Warzone 2 players uninterested with “useless” redeploy drone addition

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Raven Software added redeploy drones to Ashika Island, but glaring issues prevented some community members from enjoying the announcement.

Season 2 implemented several community-requested design changes to Warzone 2. The developers reverted the gulag to 1v1, removed backpacks, and added customizable perk packages. Ashika Island also joined Warzone 2’s map pool as part of the seasonal update.

Anticipation devolved into anger after the update went live. WZ2 players slammed the “drip feeding” of Resurgence playlists after the developers initially stated Ashika Island would be available for all squad sizes. Instead, the new environment only launched with Quads, and every other squad size is rotated.

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Community members blasted poor communication, and their frustrations worsened with the new KV Broadside shotgun. Players slammed the “busted” weapon for ruining matches. So when Raven Software announced redeploy drones, players questioned why its addition took priority over other pressing matters.

Warzone 2 players unamused by redeploy drone addition

call of duty warzone pacific redeploy balloons apex legends jump towerActivision / Respawn Entertainment
The idea for Warzone’s Redeploy Balloons appears to have been lifted from Apex Legends.

Warzone Pacific’s second season introduced redeploy balloons across Caldera. These allowed players to zipline up to a floating balloon and then glide from a significant height to wherever they chose.

Portable Redeploy Balloons also featured as Field Upgrades that players earned by completing contracts. The feature was inspired by Apex Legends, allowing players to reposition and exponentially increase gameplay speed.

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On March 7, Raven Software announced redeploy drones are live on Ashika Island, which work the same as redeploy balloons.

FPS content creator TheTactialBrit responded, “no word on servers crashing, lobbies not filling, rubber banding, the fire shotgun, the influx of cheaters, dev errors, blueprints not working in DMZ.”

He added, “I just don’t understand why there’s been no acknowledgment that the game is in a really bad spot right now.”

Warzone_Loadout joked, “now you can have flying fire shotguns landing on you.”

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Other fans demanded that the feature be added to Al Mazrah, as it is more needed on the bigger map. We will provide an update if the developers address any of the aforementioned community concerns.

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