World Series of Warzone NA qualifiers delayed due to technical difficulties

Volcano erupting in WarzoneActivision

The 2nd annual World Series of Warzone’s North American qualifying matches were scheduled to take place on August 21 but after numerous lobby crashes the event has reportedly been delayed to a later date.

The North American Qualifying round of the World Series of Warzone has officially been delayed following a series of technical difficulties that made it impossible to carry on as initially planned.

This comes only days after European competitors lobbied to have their event delayed for similar reasons, and it has sparked quite the uproar from competitors on both sides of the pond.

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World Series of Warzone announcementActivision
The announcement as seen on Call of Duty’s Twitch channel.

Warzone players react to World Series of Warzone delays

Shortly after the news broke, the community erupted over both the need for delays and the lack of response to the EU side’s request for a similar pause as well for their version of the online event.

Jukeyz, a Warzone streamer and content creator for the Call of Duty League’s London Royal Ravens went right to the source to deliver his complaints.

“Postpone the NA WSOW qualifiers but not the EU one? Bit unfair,” his tweet to GameBattles and Call of Duty read.

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As both an Activision Blizzard site and the main host for the tournament, all competitive rulings are handed down through GameBattles.

Many others, like Complexity’s LuckyChamu, see the delay as a good decision but are worried about how these problems are still affecting the state of the game.

“Big W for postponing the WSOW but man… they should have been on this months ago,” the creator said in a now-deleted tweet.

There has yet to be a new date set for the qualifying round, but it shouldn’t take long for the organizers to send out the word on exactly the competition will be back on.

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