Warzone 2 players blast “stupid” decision to reset DMZ progress for Season 2

Filip Krawanski

Warzone 2’s DMZ players have lashed out at the devs following news their progress will be reset with the upcoming Season 2, calling it a “truly baffling” move.

Earlier this year, Warzone 2 fans bashed “pointless” DMZ missions, describing them as simply not worth the effort. Time-consuming missions often offer rewards like contraband weapons.

Other than that, players grinded DMZ to unlock free skins, the M13B assault rifle, or just to enjoy the new game mode. But a lot of players set their sights on the insured weapon slots to prepare for future challenges (like the infamous Building 21 that comes and goes).

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The slots, which require a significant grind to unlock, are reportedly now being taken away from those who completed the necessary challenges when Season Two drops on February 15.

DMZ players slam devs for “baffling” reset

Resultantly, a number of players criticized the move, questioning what the removal is meant to achieve, other than undoing their hard work.

“What’s the f***n point in grinding then. Or in any of it. Truly baffling move,” commented one user in a Reddit thread on the topic.

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“Telling your players base not to play since stats will be reset at their whim. Good job killing trust in your game,” agreed another.

But, some argued it is a pretty fair move if the whole mission system and progression flow is going to be restructured.

“I would hope they wouldn’t do resets for minor changes but if they change the whole structure of the mode like the mission progression, it does make sense,” argued one user.

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Time will tell if Activision, Raven Software, and Infinity Ward take criticisms from the DMZ beta seriously and address them later down the road to create an extraction shooter that can rival Escape from Tarkov.

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