Devs confirm DMZ reset in Warzone 2 Season 4

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Infinity Ward confirmed a date for DMZ’s second reset and revealed everything players will need to start over from scratch again.

Warzone 2’s DMZ game mode received a massive overhaul in Season 3. The Barter system introduced a way for players to swap items they collected for other valuables. DMZ’s new workbench feature allows users to either add or remove an attachment to contraband weapons.

DMZ streamer Stodeh is worried about the future of the mode. The YouTuber claimed that a lack of replayability and long-term progression prevents the extraction shooter from becoming more popular.

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Season 3 addresses a few of those concerns, and Season 4 goes one step further by wiping progress for a second time.

DMZ will receive a progress reset in Season 4

On May 31, Infinity Ward announced: “Updates will include a refresh and reset like that of Season 2 in order to make room for new mission sets and the new upgrade.”

One big difference is Season 2 did not reset insured weapon slots, which allow players to carry over weapons between rounds even if they fail to exfil.

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Originally Season 2 was also scheduled to reset insured weapon slots, but community members blasted the controversial decision, and Infinity Ward backtracked.

Insured weapon slots didn’t escape a reset this time, and the devs explained that the wipe is happening because there will be new ways to unlock them.

Faction Mission progress, contraband, key, and mission inventories also undergo a reset in Season 4.

The wipe will not affect earned rewards such as blueprints, skins, and calling cards. Infinity Ward revealed that more DMZ Season 4 news is coming as part of an upcoming blog post.

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As for when DMZ players can expect their progress to start over, CharlieIntel reported that Season 4 starts on June 14.

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