Infinity Ward confirms DMZ progression won’t reset every season


Ahead of Season 2 for Modern Warfare 2, it was revealed that the DMZ mode will reset challenges but Infinity Ward confirms it won’t always happen.

Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 launches into Season 2 on February 15 that will bring many fixes and new content for players to enjoy.

With the new DMZ mode that came with it, players were shocked to find out that their progress will be reset at the start of Season 2. Everyone will have to start from scratch again with faction missions, keys, and the player’s personal stash.

However, Infinity Ward has made new comments about why this is happening in DMZ and if it will be consistent with future seasons.

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DMZ won’t reset player progression every season

A new blog post from Infinity Ward goes into more detail about what’s coming for Season 2 and changes that are going to occur.

DMZ will not be resetting every season

Players were not happy to find out that upon release of Season 2, all progress made within the DMZ mode will be reset to the beginning.

From the blog post, the developer’s put out a list of confirmed changes within DMZ:

  • Contraband Weapon Inventories will be rolled back to the starting weapons.
  • Key inventories will be emptied
  • Faction missions and mission progress will reset to make room for an updated mission set that incorporates all Exclusion Zones
  • The Key Stash will now be able to hold specific mission items that you must gather from one Exclusion Zone and bring to another. This allows us to have longer form missions that utilize all of our Exclusion Zones.
  • With the new mission set, we can employ multi-location missions that send players to Al Mazrah, to Ashika Island, and to Building 21. The mission refresh is made up of new missions, updated missions and missions we felt worked really well from Season 1.

Going into further explanation in the post, Infinity Ward says that the mission progress in DMZ became “too difficult, too quickly.” They wish to remake the leveling process into something easier for players to jump in and complete in a timely manner.

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This is hopefully better news for players as things will be more streamlined in Season 2. Looking beyond the upcoming Season, DMZ will continue making improvements on the mode based on community feedback.