Warzone 2 players blast final circles forcing them into underwater combat

Warzone 2's swimming mechanic has been well-received but the final circle being in the water might be too much.Activision

Warzone 2’s new gas circle system has been well received by players, but one ending is getting blasted for leaving operators with no choice but to fight underwater.

All in all, Warzone 2’s approach to gas and the ever-closing circle system has been well received by the community. The change to three individual circles that all converge into one final location has opened up survivability in a major way, which was one of the longstanding complaints about its predecessor.

However, that kind of creativity and strategy goes out the window when the game ends in the middle of a river and effectively forces every remaining player to take a dive.

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Warzone 2 players outraged over final circles ending in the water

As seen in the Reddit post embedded below, the last circle is 100% water. While the zone had yet to close, in just a matter of seconds there would be no option but to take a swim.

This also means that any player carrying a pistol would have a massive upper hand as it’s the only weapon type that can be fired while swimming.

The offense was so egregious that the original poster joked that the game wanted them to be legendary Olympian, Michael Phelps, who earned 28 swimming-related medals in his time as a competitor.

As another commenter suggested, the only real counter available is to make a play while taking gas damage and pick off all the players who get a little too antsy trying to make it to the zone. This is still risky, but it does at least give a fighting chance to anyone who abandoned their handgun by this point in the game.

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There’s not much to be done when a game ends like this, and there have already been a few threads around the internet asking Raven Software to adjust any of these potential endings across the map.