Warzone 2 players bash “misleading” Season 2 movement update

warzone 2 plating movement speedActivision Blizzard

Warzone 2 Season 2 added the ability to sprint while plating, but it comes with a catch that’s making some players feel deceived.

Warzone 2 players have raised concerns over the game’s movement system. Activision controversially removed slide-canceling, which allowed players to traverse the map quicker and maneuver in gunfights. On top of that, the battle royale sequel also removed the ability to equip armor plates while sprinting.

Both movement mechanics added an extra layer of speed to the battle royale, and fans were disappointed by their removal.

Season 2 brings the armor system more in line with how it was in Warzone 1, but not enough to entirely extinguish the community’s boiling frustrations.

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Warzone 2 Season 2 slightly improves movement speed

Warzone Season 2’s official blog post states, “Players can now sprint while plating.”

However, Call of Duty insider CharlieINTEL clarified, “The patch notes say players can sprint while plating, but Raven said on the call that it does not work at 100% sprinting. So…”

For context, the WZ2 developers held a call with content creators before the Season 2 update went live. Raven Software’s stance on taking a middle ground frustrated community members.

Warzone 2 content creator Modern Warzone responded, “I wish they’d just let this one go.”

Community members called out the developers for a vague explanation as one player added, “So they slightly mislead everyone,” and a second claimed, “Classic CoD miscommunication.”

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Professional Warzone, 2-player Lenun, showed off the new plating mechanic and approved how “smooth it looks.”

You can’t make tactical sprint while plating, but it is much faster than in Season 1.

Despite not allowing players to 100% sprint while plating, the Season 2 update made several other noteworthy changes. Players can now bust through doors while plating, the plating animation speed was increased by approximately 25%, and movement speed was increased while armoring up.

Warzone 2 Season 2 went live on February 15, so it will take some time before players become fully accustomed to the new movement mechanics.