Warzone 2 exploit lets players hide in walls while being unkillable


A bizarre oversight in Warzone’s 2 Al Mazrah map design is allowing players to climb into walls and hunt their victims from absolute safety.

Warzone 2 has seen its share of glitches and exploits by now, from the bizarre glitch that let players skip Gulag to DMZ and WZ2 trick that lets you enter locked areas easily.

However, a new exploit allows players to hide within certain walls and kill players from absolute safety similar to players getting under the Airport in Verdansk and Chemical Engineering building on Rebirth Island.

Right now there are at least two places in Al Mazrah where players can crawl into walls. One is within Fortress, which is not that problematic as it’s very niche for large firefights to happen there.

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The other place, though, is a building that is featured all over Al Mazrah City. The similar layout of other buildings in the area means that the exploit can likely be replicated in those two, making it pretty problematic if players decide to abuse the exploit.

Bizarre Warzone 2 glitch allows players to fire from inside walls

The glitched spots had been discovered roughly a month ago with a number of YouTube channels uploading videos showing players how to take advantage of them.

Naturally, these clips have spread around the CoD community and they’ve evolved from niche factoids to common knowledge, thus popping up more and more in public matches.

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The Birdseye advanced UAV issue is also still present in the game. Although that could be a feature, players are still unsure as the devs have yet to shed any light on it.

Hopefully, the developers squish that bug fast so we can drop into Al Mazrah free of people living in the walls.