Warzone 2 player slams “horrible” nerf to underrated SMG

Tyler Kitts

Warzone 2 players are discussing the unfair nerf to underrated weapons that could have challenged the meta in Season 2.

Warzone 2 Season 2 began on February 15, and with it came new content and weapon balancing across the board.

Some of the balance changes have made players question the developer’s choices, as many weaker weapons were nerfed, and the meta weapons have not changed.

Specifically, fans went to Reddit to figure out why the changes affected some guns that could have challenged the standard RPK and Fennec meta.

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Warzone 2 players question weapon balance changes

In a Reddit post uploaded on February 17, the user asked the community about their thoughts on the weapon balancing changes that came in Season 2. 

The specific weapon in question is the Minibak, commonly known as the PP-Bizon/PP-19. 

Fans are upset over nerfs to the weaker, non-meta weapons

The user commented: “Absolutely no noticeable changes to Fennec and RPK but the Minibak out here catching the biggest L. I loved this gun but now I’d rather use pistols than this peashooter. FYI I’ve grinded the weapon mastery charm for the gun so I know how it should feel, and rn it’s horrible.”

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Although the RPK and Fennec did receive changes in the combined Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 update, the consensus among players is that they are still the dominant choices over any other weapon.

Another user added their thoughts, saying: “They nerfed it in Season 1 too. This game might have the worst weapon balancing of any recent CoD. Most SMGs are useless, most ARs are useless. Marksman category isn’t even viable and only one realistically valid sniper (signal 50) which they nerfed too.”

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While frustrating, there is always the chance developers will hear feedback, and make different changes in future patches and updates.

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