Warzone 2 & MW2 players mock “goofy” new Battle Pass layout

cod mw2 wz2 season 3 battle pass artActivision

Players have been mocking the new Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 Battle Pass layout that’s been introduced in Season 3, with fans claiming that the devs have “ruined” the UI even further.

The in-game UI for Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 has been a bone of contention since both games’ releases. It’s been described by some as “the worst UI” in history, and while subtle changes have been made here and there, players still haven’t been swayed.

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Season 3 has dropped and made a bunch of changes to weapons, including making snipers one-shot again, and even bringing back classic CoD features from 2009.

One change that has certainly not gone under the radar though is the revision of the game’s Battle Pass layout. The devs have decided to tinker with its appearance, and the changes have not gone down well.

CoD players baffled by Season 3 Battle Pass changes

“Who designed this? They look goofy af. All flattened n’ sh*t,” was the sentiment of one Call of Duty Reddit post that was clearly confused by the new Battle Pass aesthetic.

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Compared to the previous design, it certainly seems as if the sector map has been squashed and a bit more elongated compared to its previous counterpart.

“It’s so funny that they ruined the one piece of UI in the game that wasn’t half bad lol,” was one of the top comments, and another user added: “Bro, just f*cking fire these UI designers.”

Another Reddit thread also went in on the new Battle Pass changes with the author saying: “What the actual hell is this UI?? This has to be the ugliest change to already a new/complex UI they made for BP. Why is everything STRETCHED, even the operator mugshots on DMZ ready screen?”

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In the thread, players suggested the possibility that it’s “more optimized for phone screens.”

In any event, the alterations to the Battle Pass get-up haven’t been very well-received. Just like the “shameless” pay-to-win additions to Warzone’s DMZ mode, players are unhappy with various aspects of Season 3 already, and we’ll have to wait and see if they get changed at any point.