Warzone 2 players furious as “shameless” ‘pay-to-win’ bundles arrive in DMZ

Warzone 2 gameplayActivision

Warzone 2’s Season 3 update just introduced what many are labeling as ‘pay-to-win’ DMZ bundles, as players can load in with free UAVs, bonus perks, and more, just for equipping one of the new premium skins.

Ever since Warzone exploded into the cultural phenomenon it once was, CoD players have long been fearful of possible ‘pay-to-win’ microtransactions seeping in. Over the past three years, however, Activision has mostly played it safe, purely introducing cosmetic bundles and Blueprint variations without truly impacting the game’s balance.

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With Warzone 2’s Season 3 update on April 12 though, it appears that trend finally came to an end. Players are now lashing out across the board after spotting new premium bundles that offer meaningful gameplay benefits over others in the lobby.

Exclusively available in Warzone 2’s DMZ mode, five new Operator skins and weapon bundles now afford real boosts. Just by purchasing their respective packs and equipping the skins, players can get a leg up, instantly loading into a match with anything from a Self-Revive Kit, to a UAV, all without having to unlock them the hard way.

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Warzone 2 DMZ Roze skin UAVReddit: u/BadFishteeth
A new Roze skin in Season 3 comes equipped with a UAV to start the match.

A new Classic Ghost bundle comes equipped with a 2-plate armor vest, giving those who equip it an instant advantage in early-game fights. A new EOD Specialist Operator skin gives players a Medium Backpack off the rip if they’re willing to purchase the set for 1,200 CoD Points. Across the board, those playing DMZ can now buy their way to objective improvements.

As a cherry on top, Activision has also introduced another purchasable upgrade in DMZ through the Season 3 upgrade. Beyond just the bundles outlined above, in order to unlock a fourth Active Duty Slot in the DMZ mode, your only option is to simply buy another bundle for 1,200 CoD Points.

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Naturally, the community is in uproar over these additions in the latest patch. For some, the immediate effect has left them furious. While for others, it spells doom for the future of the iconic FPS franchise as a whole.

“This is literally pay-to-win,” one player said in shock. “One of the worst dev decisions I’ve ever seen, another commented. “Well boys, it was fun while it lasted. Activision basically surpasses EA now with shameless money grabbing. P2W makes this game even more meaningless,” one response read.

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In some cases, this appears to have been the final straw for players just hanging on. “I’m done with this game, officially,” one community member said on Reddit. “The first Battle Pass I won’t buy for Warzone. They clearly are fully committed to penny-pinching at every angle. I’ve never bought a cosmetic, but I’ve always done Battle Pass. That stops now.”

For the time being, Activision is yet to respond to the rising concern among the DMZ playerbase. With Season 3 having only just gone live, and many other issues now rising to the surface, these ‘pay-to-win’ bundles are likely the least of the dev’s concern.

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