Warzone 2 players frustrated as Season 4 health change “feels really bad”

Jacob Hale
Warzone operators in Season 4 being dropped off by helicopter

Warzone 2 players have expressed frustration with some of the changes to health in the battle royale title, as Season 4 promised an improved TTK — but it’s not quite worked out as expected.

Health and time-to-kill (TTK) have been major sources of complaints for Warzone 2 players ever since the game launched in November 2022.

With the arrival of Season 4, it was confirmed in the patch notes that there would be health changes coming to the game to answer the prayers of players, with an additional 50 maximum HP added.

Many believed this would increase the skill gap and allow for more outplays, similar to what was available in Warzone 1, with players able to play out gunfights more fairly and not worry about rotating and getting mowed down in a speedy fashion by campers watching from windows.

However, to go with the increased health, developers Raven also nerfed health regeneration speed slightly, from five seconds to seven seconds — and players and some of the top streamers aren’t impressed.

Swagg & others call out health change

Once players had started trying out the game in its new state, as well as the new Vondel resurgence map, there was generally positive sentiment towards the changes — though this one didn’t quite resonate.

One player who called out the change was FaZe Clan’s Kris ‘Swagg’ Lamberson, who said it “feels like the TTK didn’t change.”

Warzone expert TrueGameData also expressed his frustration with the change, saying it “feels really bad.”

Others on social media have called the change “brutal,” while some argued that it’s fine as long as you equip the Quick Fix perk, though that does mean sacrificing Ghost, which is considered an essential in the battle royale.

Whether Raven opts to revert or finetune this change in the future remains to be seen, but for now, you might want to wait a little longer before re-challenging your opponent if they got you weak.

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