Vanguard players find simple exploit to use Atomic camo without unlocking it

. 8 months ago
cod vanguard logo with atomic camo LMG

Within just a few short days of Call of Duty: Vanguard officially launching, players have already found a way to use Atomic and other prestigious camos on their weapons without even needing to unlock them.

Unlocking camos such as Atomic and Dark Aether are supposed to be some of the most difficult tasks in Call of Duty, putting an insane amount of time in with every single weapon to flex the top-tier camo in-game.

While hackers in the past have used unlock tools to give themselves whatever camos they like, there’s no secret software or dodgy programs that need to be downloaded for this exploit.

With this Vanguard trick, players can easily attach top camos to whichever weapon they choose — and all they need is a mouse and a controller.

Vanguard solider Call of Duty
CoD Vanguard launched on November 5.

Vanguard Atomic camo exploit

For many players, simply using the camo without unlocking it doesn’t feel as good as putting in the necessary hours and work to make it happen, but not everyone feels that way.

While the Atomic camo has proven pretty popular in Vanguard already, certain players have found a way to use it without the effort, and there’s about to be a lot of players running around, using the camo without traditionally earning it.

As explained in the video below from IAm1Shot, all you have to do is move your mouse and D-pad at the right time to click into Atomic, or whichever camo of your choosing. It’s not difficult, though it may take a few attempts.

It’s worth noting that this definitely doesn’t unlock the camos you want to run, but instead just applies it to the chosen gun. If you select a different camo after using it, you’ll have to go through the entire process again.

We don’t advise taking advantage of this exploit because Sledgehammer Games will likely fix it anyway, and may soft-reset classes to make sure nobody can use the camos. It’s unclear whether this would be considered a bannable offense. More than that, though, you’re really only cheating yourself.

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