UNILAD Eliminate OpTic Gaming in Top 6 Gaming at CWL Anaheim in Intense Five Game Series

Calum Patterson

OpTic Gaming failed to make the top four yet again at a major open tournament in the CoD: WWII season, after losing 3-1 to a UNILAD team that many had written off ahead of CWL Anaheim.

After Matthew “Skrapz” Marshall left UNILAD, many thought they had lost a player too valuable to replace, but the team has certainly proven their doubters wrong as they secure top four at CWL Anaheim.

OpTic Gaming are improved from their last open event performance at CWL Seattle, back when Matthew “FormaL” Piper and Damon “Karma” Barlow were on the squad, but it wasn’t enough in the end.

New players Anthony “Methodz” Zinni and Sam “Octane” Larew did impress in some series and maps, but when it came to important matches against Luminosity, they didn’t play their best.

They began well in the losers bracket, taking out eUnited and Tainted Minds in dominant fashion, but UNILAD proved to be a different challenge all together.

OG did take the opening map 250-203, but UNILAD remained unfazed, bouncing back immediately on Search and Destroy and CTF to open up a 2-1 lead.

Map four on Valkyrie hardpoint was neck and neck till the very end, as OpTic mounted a comeback after being down over 100 points, eventually pulling it back to tie at around 200 points each.

And insane final few moments saw OpTic force the game five.

The game five SnD was suitably intense also, as UNILAD opened up a quick 2-0 lead thanks to this slick 1v3 from Sean “Seany” O’Connor.

Methodz hit right back however, with his own slick three piece, and the teams were tied up at 3-3 with it all on the line.

And of course it went all the way to round 11: