Twitch streamer dominates Warzone with crossbow while working out

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A crossbow-wielding Twitch streamer managed to dominate in Call of Duty: Warzone, while simultaneously working out on an exercise bike.

The crossbow has long counted among the Call of Duty battle royale’s many equippable weapons. However, it often proves a difficult weapon to master thanks, in part, to its arguably steep learning curve.

It’s not typically everyone’s go-to tool of choice, though a Season 4 buff to the crossbow altered the state of things for a bit.

A Season 5 nerf later reduced the crossbow’s damage output, yet players continue to find ways of getting good use out of it.

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Warzone streamer dominates with crossbow while exercising

InspiredGreen occasionally streams games like Call of Duty: Warzone and Overwatch on Twitch while riding his exercise bike.

A clip the Twitch streamer shared on Reddit demonstrates that cycling and crossbow-wielding can be quite a deadly combination.

Over the course of the video, InspiredGreen downs and eliminates several other Warzone users with a crossbow. Impressively, the streamer manages such a feat during a cycling session.

His outbursts of loud laughter each time an enemy falls serves as the icing on the cake, too.

Apparently, InspiredGreen isn’t the only person who likes to run matches of Warzone while cycling. One Redditor said they often play during sessions on their desk bike.

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Someone else revealed they’ve previously tried playing games on an elliptical. (This probably isn’t the most practical way to play games or burn calories.)

Warzone players, regardless of their crossbow preferences, will soon have another sprawling experience to jump into when Warzone 2 arrives.

Following Modern Warfare 2’s release on October 28, Warzone 2 will go live across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on November 16.