Warzone players divided as Season 5 nerf puts Crossbow “in the dirt”

call of duty warzone crossbow header imageActivision

A new Season 5 nerf to the crossbow which will decrease its damage across the board has divided fans.

With Season 5 of Warzone finally out, a lot has changed across the battle royale.

Warzone’s Season 5 patch notes revealed a lot of buffs and nerfs coming to weapons like the KGM40, the Armaguerra, and the Marco 5.

However, Raven Software also hit the Crossbow a nerf, which left Warzone fans divided about the future of the Marksman Rifle.

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Players divided after Crossbow nerf in Warzone Season 5

Warzone crossbowActivision / Treyarch
Last season, Warzone players developed a loadout for the Crossbow that made it quite strong.

The discussion spawned from a post on the CODWarzone subreddit, where user Wombat_Wombat lamented the nerf.

They argued that the Crossbow was “one of the hardest weapons to use” and that they were worried this nerf would “break it.”

However, plenty of players took umbrage with calling the Crossbow “hard to use” considering its recent performance in the battle royale.

“It’s a fun gun but not one of the hardest to use. It was a literal one-shot anywhere,” said Odd-Oddysey.

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Similarly, ArasakaHRdepartment argued that it was a “cheese gun” and said, “…You only have to hit one shot, and it’s a one tap. Like yeah, it’s niche but…”

Of course, other players agreed with Wombat, like user dustyaff who lamented the crossbow going “down in [the] dirt.”

User Djabouty47 said a similar situation happened with the Dragon Breath VLK. “It was a gun that took skill in order to play right, they buff it a bit, and then nerf it into obscurity. At least the Crossbow had a good run and actually received a buff.”

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Like any Marksman or Sniper Rifle, it does take a bit of experience and skill to actually land shots on target.

However, a weapon that is a one-hit kill tends to be viewed as unfair by the community, as seen with Apex Legends’ Kraber.

As such, players probably shouldn’t get their hopes up about the Crossbow being a one-shot powerhouse down the line in Warzone Season 5.