Treyarch confirm new sniper rifle coming soon to Black Ops 4 [UPDATE]


Call of Duty developers Treyarch have confirmed that players will soon have a new sniper rifle to use in Black Ops 4 Multiplayer. 

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UPDATED on June 3 at 12:35 p.m. PST

In a June 3 reply to a fan, Treyarch confirmed that a new sniper will be coming on June 4 with the launch of the Days of Summer event.

Although brief, the company reassured a fan that a new long-ranged weapon will be coming to the title after months of waiting.

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On May 24, Treyarch announced the starting date of Days of Summer – a new content stream that will run alongside the currently ongoing Operation Spectre Rising.

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In the comments section of the announcement tweet, FaZe Clan member ‘Testyment’ put out a hopeful tweet asking for a new sniper rifle to be added to the game.

Surprisingly enough, Treyarch answered the tweet, and not only did they answer, but they wrote three words that pretty much set in stone that a new weapon was indeed on its way. 

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As expected, the confirmation was very positively received by those who saw the tweet, with many expressing their excitement at finally getting a new sniper rifle.  

One player’s tweet pretty much summed up what everyone was likely thinking when they saw Treyarch’s post, considering that the sniper class is one of the few that hasn’t had any weapons added since the game’s release. 

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What will the new sniper rifle be?

Aside from the confirmation that it is indeed coming soon, details are scarce on what the nature of this new sniper rifle, with there being various directions that Treyarch could have gone in designing the weapon.

Back in February, leaked in-game footage showed what appeared to be a Ruger Mini-14 semi-automatic sniper rifle in action, although it’s not clear whether that’s ultimately the weapon that the developers decided to put in. 

Here is the section of the footage that includes what could possibly be the new sniper rifle in-game.

As for when it will make its debut, the Days of Summer event is set to kick off on June 4 for PlayStation 4, so it’s likely to either be on that date or sometime shortly after.

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Once it does get added, it will join the Paladin HB50, Outlaw, SDM, and Koshka in the weapon class, all of which are available both in Multiplayer and Blackout battle royale. 

TreyarchThere are currently only four sniper rifles in Black Ops 4, all of which have existed since the game launched last October.

Days of Summer in Black Ops 4

Announced on May 24 as part of an update in Black Ops 4, the Days of Summer event will kick off on June 4, and is expected to bring a slew of new content to the three major modes – Multiplayer, Blackout, and Zombies.

The event will feature a content stream that will run alongside Operation Spectre Rising, and will be available for players to track in the Black Market menu. 

As per Sony’s exclusivity agreement with Activision, Days of Summer will first be available on the PS4, which likely means that the new sniper rifle will also be exclusive to PS4 players for at least the first week. 

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As always, we will continue to bring you new information about this event and the new weapon as it becomes available.