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Tommey and AlmxndTV wins $10k TeeP’s Trials #2 Warzone tournament

Published: 10/Jul/2020 11:43 Updated: 10/Jul/2020 11:44

by Connor Bennett


Thomas ‘Tommey’ Trewren and Ben ‘AlmxndTV’ took home the gold in the second Teep’s Trials Warzone event, scoring themselves $4,500 and some Doritos swag. 

As Warzone has exploded in popularity, players have been holding and competing in a raft of different events – where there is money and, perhaps more importantly, some serious bragging rights up for grabs. 

Former pro player Tyler ‘Teepee’ Polchow, who has exploded in popularity on Twitch thanks to CoD’s battle royale’s, has teamed up with Doritos for the Teep’s Trials events. Here, pros compete against each other in games for prizes, with the added bonus of potentially taking on Teep and Merk in a ‘boss fight’.

On July 9, he hosted the second Teep’s Trials tournament, with eight duos doing battle. Though, previous champions Symfunhy and HusKerrs were dethroned. 

Infinity Ward
Warzone events have become must-watch on Twitch.

Teep’s Trials #2 Warzone event final placements

Former professional player Tommey and his partner AlmxndTV came out on top, taking home the top prize of $4,500 and a tonne of Doritos swag as well. 

They managed to see off a raft of talented players including three-time CoD World Champion Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow, Fortnite star Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad, Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff and as already mentioned, the previous winning pair of Symfunhy and HusKerrs. 

Aydan and his partner MuTeX managed to score second-place and the $3,000 runners-up prize, while NICKMERCS and Swagg grabbed third. TimTheTatMan and Frozone rounded out the cash winners by finishing fourth. 

The final standings of the Teep's Trial Warzone event.
Screenshot via TeePee
The final standings of the Teep’s Trial Warzone event.

When it was all said and done, and Tommey and AlmxndTV had bagged their year’s supply of Doritos, Teep wrapped things by thanking everyone for coming out.

Though, he did leave the door open to a potential weekly event under his banner with a teasing closing line to his wrap-up tweet. 

If anything comes to fruition from that remains to be seen, but as for now, these sporadic events continue to draw interest from players and viewers. 

Though, first off, we’ll have to see if Tommey and AlmxndTV can retain their crown next time out if they’ll fall outside the money just as previous champions Symfunhy and HusKerrs did.

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Bizarre Warzone bug doesn’t show zone circle

Published: 20/Jan/2021 10:58

by Jacob Hale


A strange Warzone bug is affecting players by literally not showing them the zone circle — leaving them unaware of where to land or rotate.

Warzone has become somewhat of a haven for bizarre bugs and glitches to arise, frustrating players on a seemingly endless loop, with the likes of the stim glitch and invisibility glitch regularly rearing their ugly heads.

This issue, though, is completely random, and seems to be affecting the Buy Back modes — in the example here, BR Buy Back Solos.

Following the circle is one of the most important rules of any battle royale game, but that looks incredibly difficult when there’s not even a circle for you to see.

warzone storm closing gunfight
Staying inside the circle is much harder when there’s no circle to follow.

What’s worse in the instance here, and what makes it look to be a Buy Back bug and perhaps not one affecting every mode in the game, is that HungLikeALemur doesn’t spawn in with the standard $4500, essentially making the game significantly harder off the rip.

While it’s not uncommon for the circle to be slow to pop up, occasionally, it does eventually turn up, hopefully not too long after you’re able to drop.

It’s unclear for how long Lemur was unable to see the circle for and where he was meant to be going, but even after over a minute, there was no sign of it on the map.

As you can imagine, this essentially ruins matches for people, but it doesn’t seem to be a particularly widespread issue just yet, with clips like these being more of a rarity than other common bugs and glitches.

That said, it’s definitely something Warzone developers Raven Software will want to investigate to ensure it doesn’t become a more frequent thing, and hopefully prevent it from happening altogether.