Crimsix responds to criticism from Scump & pros for breaking CoD GAs

Twitch: Crimsix/CDL

Dallas Empire’s Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter has hit back at criticism of him breaking the current crop of Gentlemen’s Agreements in pro player practice games with the use of Auto Single Sprint.  

Gentlemen’s Agreements are nothing new to the professional Call of Duty scene, but Modern Warfare has seen a raft of things taken out of use. Players have been agreeing to new GA’s just days before events, yet, drama exploded on July 9 when some pros noted that Crimsix had been using Auto Tactical Sprint in scrims.

The two-time Call of Duty world champion caught plenty of flak from his fellow pros with the debate raging on about the number of weapons, attachments, and more that aren’t in use. 

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Yet, Porter fired back at the current crop of GA’s, noting that it might be a little hard to trust the CDL pros to not use everything that should be at their disposal ahead of playoffs and champs. 

Call of Duty League
Crimsix’s Dallas Empire squad have been on fire during the first CDL season.

The Dallas Empire star took to Reddit to respond to the criticism, claiming that his team have “literally been throwing scrims so that the AUG would stay in” use before being GA’d. “I was using Auto Single Sprint for two days and they lost their minds,” Crimsix posted. 

He added that the players have GA’d a “game-changing” setting that no one can prove is out of use, meaning that someone could easily go rogue and completely ignore the set agreements, especially when there is close to $5,000,000 on the line in the coming months. 

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The former OpTic Gaming star noted that he’d used the GA’d setting as an experiment and that it took 35 maps for someone to “even say anything about it.” He further commented: “I’ve already seen enough tournament VOD that looks like people are using it. But I can’t prove it.”

Screenshot of Crimsix' commentsScreenshot via Reddit
Crimsix hit back at the widespread criticism of him breaking GA’s.

Though some pros might have chimed in after Crimsix’ explanation, it was the reaction of his former teammate Seth ‘Scump’ Abner that garnered plenty of reactions beforehand. 

As rumors quickly spread about the broken GA, the Chicago Huntsmen star said: I just think its funny the person who did it. 27 brother. 27 and breaking GA’s, the f**k?”

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The CoD pros are all gearing up for the final few events of the season, with CDL New York kicking off on July 10.

It’ll be interesting to see if any GA changes come quickly after the event, especially as there is such a quick turnaround before the second CDL London event gets underway.