How to earn the new Modern Warfare & Warzone Twitch drop rewards

Infinity Ward

To continue celebrating Modern Warfare Season 4, Activision has launched new Twitch drops for in-game Call of Duty rewards that can be used in multiplayer and Warzone.

Update: the error that many encountered when trying to link their Call of Duty and Twitch accounts has been fixed and the date has been extended to July 21. The instructions below should now work for all players interested in earning drops through Twitch.

From July 9 to July 21, Call of Duty players can watch drop-eligible streamers on Twitch to earn a few different rewards that can be used in multiplayer and Warzone. Previously, many are experiencing an error code when trying to follow Activision’s instructions, but that issue has finally been resolved.

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Infinity Ward
The Call of Duty: Season 4 Twitch rewards for Modern Warfare and Warzone.

How to earn Modern Warfare and Warzone Twitch rewards

1. Get a Call of Duty account

If you don’t have a Call of Duty account already, then sign up for one here.

2. Link (or re-link) your Twitch account

Go to your Call of Duty profile to link CoD to Twitch. If you already have it linked, you may need to unlink and re-link to ensure the correct permissions are enabled.

3. Watch drop-eligible streamers and earn rewards

Once your accounts are linked, go ahead and just watch some CoD streamers. You’ll know that you’re able to start earning drops per hours watched once you see the “Drops Enabled” underneath their stream title.

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As for the hours needed, one hour gets you the “Censory Overload” spray, two hours gets you a “Love the Bomb” emblem, and three hours gets you a “Bloodstream” Grau 5.56 blueprint. These would be relatively easy to crank out, but users have been reporting error code 253000 every time they try to link accounts per Activision’s official instructions.


After about a week with few being able to successfully link accounts, Activision support has confirmed that the error is resolved and the aforementioned instructions appear to be working.

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Fortunately, Call of Duty has extended the eligibility period for rewards until July 21—giving players more than enough time to get three hours of Twitch watched and all three rewards earned.