TimTheTatman stunned after confronting Warzone hacker on stream

Andy Williams
timthetatman warzone hacker

Twitch star, Tim ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar, got an insight into cheating in Warzone after he confronted the hacker who killed him.

It’s no secret that Infinity Ward’s entrance into the battle royale market has been plagued with cheaters. While Activision have worked with the developers to produce more sophisticated anti-cheat technology, it seems that those on the other side of the fence are always one step ahead.

Fast forward four months on from the release, and cheaters are still finding ways to get around the measures put in place (such as two-factor authentication and the introduction of shadowbans).

And it appears that hackers are willing to flaunt their ‘immunity’ from the repercussions of cheating, as TimTheTatman ironically discovered.

TimTheTatman confronts Warzone hacker

After being blatantly eliminated by a hacker (referred to as ‘Line’ throughout the video), Tim decided to spectate to reaffirm his suspicions and expose the cheats being used. Little did Tim know that Line was sitting in his Twitch livestream the whole time.

After venting his anger, Tim decided to confront the hacker to develop an insight behind their motives; where the streamer would ask a yes/no question and Line would respond by nodding or shaking their head in-game.

To Tim’s disbelief, the cheater implied that they had hacks of this nature at their disposal for over a year. And when asked if they were worried about receiving a ban, they simply communicated ‘no.’

Segment begins at 4:20 for mobile users.

But that’s not where it ends… In the post-game lobby, Tim managed to quickly ask how long the hacker had managed to get away with this for, to which they responded “maybe like six months.”

Betar was baffled by the length of time they’d been getting off scot-free — presumably, two of those months were in multiplayer, which also received plenty of backlash for the sheer volume of hacks.

It certainly seems that players cheating their way to a victory is becoming more common as the game matures, meaning that Infinity Ward have even more of an uphill battle on their hands if they want gain some competitive integrity in their battle royale once again.

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