TimTheTatman baffled after hacker joins Counter-Strike 2 game without beta invite

timthetatman playing cs2Valve/YouTube

YouTube star TimTheTatman was left absolutely stunned after getting into a Counter-Strike 2 game with a hacker who wasn’t invited to the beta.

Counter-Strike 2 has been a hit with players since its reveal with CS:GO even seeing its all-time player record shattered.

Suffice to say, the build-up to the game’s official release is off the charts and streamers like TimTheTatman have been taking advantage of the hype by streaming the game.

However, things got a bit weird during a recent stream when a hacker infiltrated the lobby without even being invited in.

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Counter-Strike 2 hacker stuns TimTheTatman

According to esports reporter Jake Lucky, the hacking in the game was obvious, leading Tim to accuse the player of cheating.

“Is this guy cheating? Like, he’s hacking in the f**king alpha? Imagine I’m playing with an actual cheater? No way!” Tim said.

As you can see in the footage, the cheater’s aim was pinpoint and they were able to dodge bullets as if Neo from the Matrix did a fusion dance with Ultra Instinct Goku.

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“Who’s this guy right here?!” the stunned Tim cried as the cheater secured the last frag. “Is this guy full of sh*t? That’s crazy! I might literally be playing with a hacker in the alpha.

A bit later, the hacker claimed that they weren’t invited into the beta and instead bugged their way in somehow.

With hackers already in CS2 and a Valorant-style anti-cheat on the way, hopefully, players won’t be plagued by nefarious users for much longer. But for now, it’s something streamers may have to deal with.

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