TimTheTatman reveals epic VLK Rogue Warzone loadout from TikTok

Jacob Hale
TimTheTatman VLK Rogue Warzone loadout from TikTok

Tim ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar has been trying out Warzone loadouts from popular TikTok videos, and thinks he could have stumbled open a gold mine, particularly with this VLK Rogue shotgun loadout for Season 6.

[jwplayer uc1VZt4E]

While before, he tried out a highly-recommended Akimbo 1911 pistol build — which it couldn’t be more evident he didn’t like at all — this VLK Rogue seems to float towards the opposite end of the scale.

Shotguns have become a hot commodity in Warzone, especially since the introduction of Dragon Breath rounds made them arguably the most overpowered weapons in the game.

That said, the VLK Rogue isn’t higher on players’ lists of favorites, with most opting for the Origin-12, the R9-0, or Season 6’s new JAK-12 shotgun. But it might be time to consider the Rogue, according to Tim.

Modern Warfare Warzone VLK Rogue Shotgun gold
The VLK Rogue tends to go forgotten in the Shotgun weapon class, outshone by its peers.

While the VLK Rogue is available as floor loot currently in Season 6, you won’t see many personal loadouts including it, but with the Dragon Breath rounds it looks as good as any other gun in its class.

As Tim says, he hasn’t used the gun for a while, allegedly since its buff which occurred all the way back in May, so he’s not completely familiar with how to handle it. Before long, though, that clearly doesn’t matter. Here’s the loadout Tim says made him a “believer” in the weapon:

  • Muzzle: Choke
  • Barrel: 16” Warlord
  • Laser: 5mW Laster
  • Pump Grip: XRK Race Grip
  • Ammunition: 8-R Dragon’s Breath

Skip to 17:13 for loadout only

While Tim was clearly cautious at first, he ended up being a big fan of the VLK loadout, which was originally created by TikTok creator LoochyTV.

Whether it’s good enough to replace the likes of the Origin or JAK-12 really comes down to personal preference. Really, any shotgun with Dragon’s Breath rounds will likely have the desired effect, but it’s definitely worth trying on the VLK Rogue to see if it works better for you.