Warzone devs announce plans to add Ranked Play in future


In a private meeting with creators about the future of Call of Duty: Warzone, the developers revealed that they are interested in bringing Ranked Play to the battle royale title – but have some reservations.

With games like Apex Legends and Fortnite overtaking Warzone on Twitch, the battle royales’ differences have unsurprisingly come under the community microscope. Outside of gameplay mechanics, the biggest advantage Apex and Fortnite have over CoD’s BR is easily ranked play.

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When Warzone’s biggest streamer, NICKMERCS, made the switch to Apex, he was candid about how important Ranked is: “Having that successful ranked mode to grind makes such a difference.”

With that context, Warzone’s players have long wondered about the addition of a ranked playlist. Popular streamer and competitor Aydan even outlined his ideal competitive system. Now, the devs are finally explaining their ranked intentions.

Warzone devs confirm Ranked Play plans

During the private session with CoD influencers, the devs apparently confronted the topic of ranked play. Game Director Josh Bridge told creators that they are interested in adding the highly requested mode: “We want to do Ranked right.”

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As far as what ‘doing it right,’ Bridge elaborated that they are concerned with the “timing of it.” Further, they are conscious of Warzone Pacific’s bugginess and, as far as adding Ranked, they “don’t want to come out and do it broken.”

black ops cold war league play blueprintActivision
Players could earn rewards in Black Ops Cold War’s League Play, despite the mode’s issues.

While CoD players eagerly anticipate Vanguard ranked on February 17, the devs will also be able to use that system as a framework for Warzone.

Vanguard’s Ranked Play will be a return to WWII’s ELO format, which players are much keener on than Black Ops Cold War’s version. For further inspiration, Raven Software will also be able to take some cues from Apex Legends and Fortnite.

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It remains to be seen precisely when Warzone will receive a ranked playlist or how it will play out. Still, this is the first time they’ve ever even mentioned an interest in it, so players will likely appreciate these tentative plans.