Test shows Modern Warfare weapon recoil is “completely broken”

Daniel Cleary

Every Call of Duty release relies on gunplay as a core component of its gameplay, but players have noticed major issues with some of Modern Warfare’s recoil systems.

The latest Call of Duty title has seen the return of many of the series most iconic weapons, such as the MP5 and MP7, but players have identified some major problems with their recoil patterns.

Some of the weapon’s recoil patterns appear to be very inconsistent depending on if their characters are standing or crouching in-game, compared to previous games in the franchise.

E-roc / youtubePlayers have noticed some of the unusual recoil patterns when crouching in-game.

CoD YouTuber, E-Roc, tested out each of the game’s assault rifles and SMGs to highlight some of the bizarre differences that could be seen with the recoil patterns when crouched compared to standing.

Typically, a weapon’s recoil is reduced when a player crouches, and reduced further when prone, but in Modern Warfare, it appears that the opposite is in fact true.

The YouTuber began to work his way through each of the weapons and demonstrated that some of the weapons had much more recoil when players were crouched, than when standing.

E-Roc claimed that overall the recoil patterns in the game were “completely broken” and that it was likely not intended for Modern Warfare players to have this level of recoil when crouched.

In previous CoD titles, crouching or going prone would reduce the amount of kick that weapons would give off, sometimes significantly, and make the weapon more easily controlled.

However, that is not the case for Modern Warfare it seems, and players are calling for changes to be made so that the recoil system is more in line with the previous games.

ERoc / YouTubeDifference between the Kilo-141’s recoil when standing and crouched.

As of now, it is unknown if Infinity Ward intended for the recoil to differ with each weapon depending on stance, or if this is a glitch that they will look to fix in the near future.

This is not the first time players have noticed something unusual about the state of popular FPS, as CoD pros have also criticized the game for some of its bizarre spawns.

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