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Shroud highlights the one thing he’d change in Modern Warfare

Published: 2/Nov/2019 17:15 Updated: 2/Nov/2019 17:33

by Connor Bennett


Popular streamer Michael ‘ Call of Duty sub-series had been around since 2011. It’s already seen plenty of players flock to its servers – including Shroud, who has barely played anything else since making his move to streaming on Mixer.

However, the release of the new title hasn’t been completely smooth sailing for Infinity Ward. A number of Call of Duty professionals have aired their frustrations with the maps, game modes, and even grenade usage as the game’s meta takes shapes. Now, though, Shroud has weighed in.

Activision - Call of Duty: Modern WarfareModern Warfare has made a lot of improvements, but shroud doesn’t think it’s perfect yet.

In his YouTube highlight video, ‘The Golden AK’, the former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional took a donation from a viewer that asked him about what he’d change in Modern Warfare.

“Add BR (Battle Royale) – does that count?” he joked, before being a little more serious. “No, if I was to change anything, I’d change some of the map design. Some of the map designs are a little too crazy for me. Not all, just some.”

Many players won’t disagree with Shroud’s thoughts on the maps, especially as it’s been a widespread complaint about the game so far.

However, some changes do appear to be around the corner – even though there won’t be tweaks to the maps that were released with the game. Infinity Ward are supposedly lining up a number of classic Modern Warfare series maps as future downloadable content.

Rust could be making a return in Modern Warfare.

He might also get his wish on the battle royale, though, as some leaks have surfaced that suggest that code has been added to the game files alongside the new maps and some new modes.

If it’ll be released, however, is a different story, considering the developers have remained quiet on the possibility since pre-release rumors and leaks suggested it was going to happen.

Call of Duty

“Broken” reticles you should avoid using in Black Ops Cold War

Published: 5/Dec/2020 17:50

by Julian Young


Since the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, players have been grinding to unlock their favorite weapons, skins, and customization options. Unlocking the best reticles for each gun is important, and a video by YouTuber ‘JGOD’ has exposed some huge issues with the game’s current reticle choices.

Since the game’s release on November 13, Black Ops Cold War players have been furiously grinding to unlock additional weapons and customization options in both Multiplayer and Zombies.

Some of the most important items for players to unlock are the various gun reticles across the two main game modes. Players want to make sure they are using the best reticle to help them stay on-target during the action.

In a video posted to his YouTube channel, content creator ‘JGOD’ has criticized the current offering of reticles in Cold War, along with confirming which are the best options with what’s available.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Loadout Screen
Activision / Treyarch
Reticles are just one of the many customization options available to players in Cold War.

Broken reticles in Cold War

In the video, JGOD takes a deep dive into the issues with the reticles available in Multiplayer and Zombies. He breaks down exactly what is wrong with each of the reticles for the 1.25x and 1.37x scopes, which are some of the most popular options in Cold War.

JGOD starts off on Cartel with some basic red dot/triangle options for each scope, showing how they can be seen easily when looking at textures like walls. However, as soon as he moves his reticle up into the air, the red crosshairs completely disappear.

“Where did that red reticle go?” he asks while looking around. The YouTuber continues by showing how some reticles – even yellow and green options – are invisible when looking at other textures around the map. He seems shocked, saying: “I’ve never, ever, ever, ever had this issue in any other Call of Duty.”

The video continues with a breakdown of each reticle’s in-game appearance compared to their image in Cold War’s loadout menu. JGOD shows that almost every red, yellow, or green reticle is affected by different visual issues, and players should avoid those options until the problems are addressed.

Best reticle options for Black Ops Cold War

With all the issues JGOD pointed out in his video, players might be wondering what reticles are still worth using. Luckily, there are still a few good options available.

Similar to Modern Warfare, the blue reticle options appear to be the best choice for Cold War players at the moment. JGOD confirms that, saying: “When it comes to the reticles . . . you wanna pretty much go with the blue ones.” He winds down his video by saying he is “just bringing awareness to this type of issue, so that if the devs were unaware of how broken this is, they can get on it.”

While Treyarch has confirmed they are working on other reticles issues – like certain reticles appearing upside down – they have not addressed the concerns surrounding reticle visibility at the time of writing.