Infinity Ward reveal more changes coming to Modern Warfare in updates

Following the November 2 update that fixed a number of issues including battlechatter and footstep audio, Infinity Ward’s Co-Design Director, Joe Cecot, has revealed more fixes that are in the pipeline for Modern Warfare.

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Infinity Ward’s team have been inundated with feedback from far and wide, from wholesale changes to minor tweaks that can be made to provide a smoother multiplayer experience in Modern Warfare. 

Notably, footstep audio and battlechatter were among the items addressed in the 1.06 update. Nonetheless, Infinity Ward have plenty more fixes to implement ahead of the Call of Duty League getting underway in 2020.

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ActivisionModern Warfare has made plenty of changes to the franchise’s cornerstone multiplayer experience.
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Even though the patch was only pushed live on November 2, Joe Cecot has unveiled a list of changes that are forthcoming for the first-person shooter. 

In a tweet posted the same day, Cecot announced that there are “more updates in the works” which include:

  • More restricted player call-out logic.
  • Prevent enemies from hearing call-outs in all modes.
  • Challenge system fixes.
  • Weapon tuning.
  • Spawn updates.

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It appears that the battlechatter update will be refined somewhat, to restrict player call-outs back to more ‘basic’ dialogue (i.e., “reloading” or “changing mags”) — as opposed to revealing precise enemy locations., and will be made silent to enemies in all modes.

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Moreover, a change to the ongoing spawn issues could be imminent. Currently, spawns take too long to ‘flip’ in respawn game modes, which means that players are becoming frustrated when pinned into a specific area of the map.

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Cecot previously posted a number of fixes that were being worked a mere few days before the patch went live, which hints at the possibility of another quick turnaround here. 

Indeed, Cecot and co. will be keen to address the community feedback as soon as possible, given that #FixModernWarfare is currently gaining traction on Twitter.

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