Team Kaliber’s Kenny Says Rise Nation is the Most Talented Team He’s Ever Faced Ahead of CWL Champs

Calum Patterson

After overcoming Rise Nation in three best of fives at the CWL Stage Two playoffs, Team Kaliber’s Kenny “Kenny” Williams explains why the three time WWII champions are such a tough opponent.

Rise were heavy favorites going into Stage Two playoffs, and remain in many peoples eyes the best team in the game going into the CWL Championship on August 15, but Kenny now knows what it takes to best them.

Team Kaliber, bolstered by the additions of Maurice “Fero” Henriquez and Ian “Enable” Wyatt, took down Stage Two playoffs by beat Rise first in the winners finals and then again in the grand final.

It means that both Rise and tK are tied on three championships a piece in the WWII season, with the final event perhaps what will settle who the best team in the game is once and for all, should either of these teams make a run.

Speaking with HeadsUpDaily, Kenny explains what it was like facing off against the Rise team three times at playoffs, and what makes them arguably the best team in the game.

“Rise is one of the most talented teams I’ve ever played against, so it’s so stressful losing games to them because you know they can win two best of fives against you. 

Going into that second best of five [in grand finals], it was so stressful because we lost game 5, round 11. They more you play them, the better they get.

They all know how to play the game perfectly. They don’t make wrong plays, they make every right play in the game. So you got to be on your game, and you have to have the skill there, you just got to have the gun skill.”

Kenny also explained how adding both Fero and Enable to the roster helped them take down playoffs, adding that while it took some time for both players to adjust, they finally felt comfortable as a roster.

Fero specifically, Kenny says had an ego initially and they had to work to make him listen and understand the team’s strategy.

“It comes with the ego that he brings, they don’t listen so you got to make them listen, you’ve got to learn ways to talk to them in-game. He played a different playstyle and he just had to learn our playstyle.”

Fero was exceptional in the grand final particularly, an MVP like performance. But Team Kaliber will know they need to replicate that performance or even better it if they are to walk away with the biggest prize in Call of Duty this August.

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