OpTic, Luminosity, compLexity and Envy to Boot Camp Together Ahead of CoD Champs 2018

Ross Deason

Doug ‘Censor’ Martin has revealed that his team, compLexity Gaming, will be boot camping with OpTic Gaming, Luminosity Gaming and Team Envy ahead of the 2018 Call of Duty World Championship.

The veteran player shared the information at the end of a recent video called “REACTING TO TMZ ROASTING ME…”

Censor stated “I’m going to be pre-LANning with OpTic, Luminosity and Envy with my team, compLexity. We’re gonna be in straight grind mode for eight days long so I don’t know how much content I’m gonna make when I’m out there”.

The boot camp will be taking place in Texas, the base of operations for compLexity, OpTic and Envy.

Professional Call of Duty players and teams have regularly used pre-LAN boot camps prior to major events in the past but opinions are split between players that believe they help and others that think they give too much information to their opposition.

compLexity Gaming has been drawn Group E for the $1.5 million event alongside FaZe Clan, Enigma6 Group and Morituri eSports.

OpTic’s title defence will begin in Group H, Envy is in Group F and Luminosity in Group G, so none of the teams practicing together can meet until the playoff stage of the tournament in Columbus.

The 2018 Call of Duty World Championship will begin on August 15 and conclude on August 19. 32 teams will be competing for their chance at glory.